“I refuse to identify as oppressed because it then becomes quite difficult for me to identify as anything else. That position, born from self righteousness, victimhood, and a not unreasonable interpretation of history, will force me to see my whole life as an instantiation of oppression, which means the possibility of becoming an instantiation of, say, joy, wisdom, honor, fulfillment, holiness, wealth, or victory, without the adjective 'oppressed' in front of it, constitutes a psychic suicide. Nor do I identify as a God-King, because while that appellation leaves me with far more and better options, the nagging question of how, precisely, a God-King ended up in these circumstances asserts itself and undermines the identification, forcing me to spend a great deal of energy to maintain it. The self-justification is too much at odds with the circumstances as lived and collapses under its own weight. Thus both of these versions of history leave the community at large famished for both healing and organized coordinated action that employs the full extent of our power.”